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Are You Weak or Strong? You Can Be Both

Weakness must be acknowledged but it must not be indulged in. Nobody has it all, and no one has indestructible strength; no body actually should. There remains something about the powerful that cannot be disregarded. Perhaps that is what sets people apart at times.

Some people create strength, they don’t just find it. Some people have the capacity to look weakness straight in the eye and stare it down with compassion and love not with disgust and defeat. Attitude matters, it makes or breaks us in the darkest of times, and the harshest of conditions.

Every time you decide to take back the narrative draped upon you and redefine who you are, you are creating strength and formulating a teachable moment, mostly not just for yourself but for those around you as well.

This all falls under living our best lives while stepping up to becoming our better selves whenever the opportunity arises. The concept is quite rosy and positive; but it is always a lot harder than it seems to be. At different times we want to be weak, we want to wallow in the bellowing miseries that make us the imperfect humans that we are.

Weakness cannot be acknowledged if you were never strong, and strength cannot be perceived if you never once felt powerless. The contrast makes the experience all the more justifiable and magical.

So let’s be weak, irreparable and somber. Let’s dwell on our inconceivable existence and beat our brains with sticks of self doubt and shockwaves of crass talk. Let’s explore our identities and our worst character traits; but let’s always acknowledge the rivers of light that push through those thoughts and actions. Let’s never be shy of dipping our feet and our full bodies into the rivers of self appreciation and passionate living; let’s always keep the lights in sight. It’s like walking the darkest cities knowing that there are lamps waiting to be lit all over and fires to be ignited in chambers created solely for the warmth.

The best of us can be the worst of us any day; everything remains a choice.