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The Fight 

I stare at my palms and at my broken skin. When did this happen? I didn’t see most of it. I didn’t feel any of it. I was so desensitized; I was breathing in rust and breathing out gold. I broke myself while fixing this. The process pauses as I suddenly watch the Reds Browns and greens scale off my knees and my elbows. I find that my hair has turned to rope, my eyes are made of glass. The world is loud, it is immense and psychotic. I am still and I am loveless. My limbs have rusted and nails are black. Somehow I stopped, my soul is awake and it is thunder; it is lightning and it is fearless beyond my fragile body. Shrieks turn to screams, and screams become prayers for redemption. The psychotic world grows even more hysterical but I am awake, and I am becoming. 

I spit out words and bones, I press my palms over my face and I smash the glass. I give my soul eyes, and suddenly I recognize myself. 

One more battle done with this world at war; I am not broken, I am not heavy. I am made of gold and rust; I have a stream of rain running through me. My soul is thunder and I am not not blind. I see you. Beyond anything, and after it all ends; I still see you. 

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Welcome to the Apocalypse

I am worried that there will be few survivors after this empty information apocalypse is done. It hurts my feelings, stings my eyes and burns my mind as i read people’s statuses and opinions about what they perceive as facts in today’s world. We have no accountability, no responsibility, and no value for what we say or do. We are random, irrational and dumbfounded by a shiny screen and some keys that magically turn our thoughts into language.

We are being flooded, drowned and suffocated so eloquently and entertainingly by false information and ridiculous value systems. My head is pounded daily with how the world is so interconnected and globalized, that you are a citizen of the world and no longer of one state. We are fed such notions implying that the human race has won after all, and the world exists solely for our pleasure. This arrogant form of existence is not sustainable even if it is international.

We live in the age of small talk and big wallets. We surround ourselves with illusions of happiness and we dwell on the shiny reflections of our masked ineptitude. We crawl into our fancy lie of a lifestyle thinking that nobody is on to us. We only act on incentive, reward and punishment; we have no value for genuine or nice anymore. We trip on our egos as we speak of poorly adopted ideas and we find offense in everything that moves. No body is secure because this wonderland of information leaves us inhibited and scared like little children on their first day of school. Except, we are not being schooled, we are not being educated, we are being turned into conceding vegetation, acknowledging the truths marketed to us to keep us quiet and dumb.

Religious sectarianism, conditioning us since infancy, eats out our rationality and purity. We misuse wise words and pleasure ourselves with what suits us of it. We hear but we never listen. We preach, but we never communicate. Prejudice becomes us and we viciously attack any form of individuality or free speech. We have our minds locked in double thinking  mode; assuming that open-mindedness is the opposite of self control or religion. We are on a bandwagon, we are the ill-informed public, misled into believing that we know about everything and have access to all the information; but we are the fools, we are the silent lambs dragged into war, into apathy and oblivious existence.

Take offense in your own ignorance rather than other people’s. Educate yourself before attempting to change the world. Save yourself, for it is a zombie apocalypse of humans mutated and disfigured by the floods of filthy and poisonous information they have been consuming.

PS: If there are any survivors, please inform others, you never know whose life you’re saving 🙂

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بالعربي خلص

قررت انو اكتب بالعربي لانو شكلك ما كنت عم تفهم بالاجنبي. اذا انتا شيعي لِاجري، سني لاِجري و حتا مسيحي لاِجري؛ و كل شي بالنص لاِجري. عم جرّب خليك تعصب بما انو انتا انسان متعصب. و يمكن تكرهني كتير بس شو فرقت معي؟ هيك هيك منّك طايقني و لا طايق طايفتي ولا ديني ولا وطني ولا عقلي. هيك هيك عم تزعجني.
انتا مفكّر الدّنيا خلقت من تفكير لبناني متلك؟ يا حبيبي الدنيا اكبر منك و مني بكتير. كرامتك مشكلتك بس و مش مشكلتي، صدقني ما حدا فارقة معو انت شو حاسس او شو رايك. صوتك الك و حقك معك، ما عندك شي تثبتو لحدا. كرمال هيك ما تصرّخ بغبا و تزعجني.
لبنان ما بحياتو حدا بيحكي في، مين مكذّب عليك و مخبرك انو الشمس بططلع من قفا لبناني. بعرف صعبي تحس انك ولا شي بس هاي هِيي الفكرة. فيك ترفع راسك بس كرمال هيك ما بتلحِّق ترفعو الّا و بيجي زعيم بيِدعَسَك.
مين موكلك تحكي نيابةً عن الاموات؟ اِنّو كلبناني عندك وساءل اتصال غير شكل؟ ما انتا وقت شي و شي بتحكي. كل العالم خوَنة هون مني عم بفهم عشو المشكل؟ ناس مع اميركا و ناس مع ايران، انو عادي. لشو كلو حامل السلم بالعرض ما هيي وساخة لبنانية اصلية كيف ما برمتا.
مفكر الدنيا بتدور حوله، كرمال هيك عقلو ناقص. بيتضحك بس حدا يهينو متل الاهبل، و بعدين بيسمع الكلمة متل الشاطر.
كل واحد ناطر التاني يروح على جهنم و مفكر حالو بس هُوًّي رايح على الجنة. بس اذا الشيعي رايح عالجنة و السني طالع عالجني والمسيحي واصل عالجنة؛ كيف رح يتفقو فوق، شو انو هِيي لعبة منذكر بعض؟ انو رح تتصالحو فوق؟ والله كيف؟
كل واحد مات، مات. ما بدا ذكاء الا اذا الله موكلكن انبياء.

This is not what politics or religion is about. This disgusting and trashy arrogance that everyone deals with needs defusion and fixing. This sexual and mental frustration is being imploded with absurd comments and speeches from socially handicapped individuals. In the times of hardship the people stand against political corruption you morons, and not try and burn all bridges down. You have a responsibility towards every breath you take to be thankful for peace and not instill violence and war you idiots.
When your mothers die or fathers or anyone you love, it would be your fault because you injected hate into the faint hearts of poor people with distorted judgements. If you work harder and give back to society, this disintegration in the flawed logic of people will be slowly fixed.
Except i do not think anyone will rise above this, because you all have so many internal conflicts with identity and nationality, that none of you feels they belong anywhere. Nothing will ever wake you up, until you bury your children one day in this shit hole, god forsaken country.

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Seeking security in an unsecure world; food for thought

The article by Robert E. Williams and Dan Caldwell, “Seeking security in an unsecure world” discusses war between the reasoning behind it, the ways it is done and the morality in all those means. The article presents the idea that the just war tradition claims that killing people will lead to saving and preserving lives. As in war is a means to achieve better peace. That article made me think:

If I want to think about it according to my own logic, the mere beginning with the idea that war is necessary is reason enough to go to war. If we assume that all other alternatives will not achieve our goals properly; then war and the use of force would seem like the most critical and effective way of action eventually.  However, doubting the need for war in the first place is what puts the issue of morality in chains and in question. For if we believe that killing is immoral and unjust on a small-scale then how can we support the act of war which consists of mass killing. In that case I believe there is hypocrisy in saying it becomes relative. When killing one person is out of the question then killing hundreds is not justifiable. With that being said I do not dismiss the human nature which implies self-defense and survival. Therefore initiating the action is not the same as receiving it.

The article gives insight around this topic and through quoting Michael Walzer it established a certain distinction. However I would like to note that Walzer seems like he has put the ground point as that war is inevitable and necessary when other alternatives fail, because he is giving justification and reason to its presence. Walzer says that war is divided into two parts the reason behind its doing and the way it is done. I agree with that if we begin from the idea that war is inevitable, for carrying on the act of war with the least amount of casualties for example makes it more just. Or going to war because a state’s sovereignty was attacked could be reasonable.

On a personal note, I believe that going to war means that a country is either absolutely sure about rising victorious out of it, or because they have nothing more to lose. If we process this idea, we might find that if two equal powers hit each other it is impossible for one to win over the other. There must be a certain discrepancy in those 2 warring sides in order for one to come out triumphant over the other. So no matter the reason for war or the way it might be done, countries reach points were they might do anything to come out winning or else they will have to bear the costs of the so called-one sided-“peace”. Countries therefore end up fighting until no sign of hope is apparent. Different wars have resulted in crimes against humanity or war criminals, or the use of illegal weapons and so on. The problem is after the end the damage is done, some win and some lose but the people who have lost their lives are no longer there to hear how governments are justifying or condemning their deaths.