Are You a Wild One?

We think we know, until we don’t. We believe that we have gotten to the bottom of something until we start noticing the shaky ground and down we go. Some people stop trying, they no longer wish to learn. Some have had enough shakiness and have gotten weary of doubt. So, many choose to stop […]


High Diary of Footsteps in the Snow- the Amsterdam experience

The airplane sat on the runway for an hour in delay, and I was unsure whether it was the weather or my anxiety keeping it down. As soon the plane took off something snapped, my mind stopped; there it was: there I was, trapped by the moment. It happens so often it’s like an unconscious […]

inspiration memoirs


Story upon story, my mind plays and skips across roads and thoughts less traveled. But then again, the roads I have travelled keep on teaching me, grilling my stamina and testing my willingness to accept the gloriousness of being so small in such a brilliantly huge world. My heart is heavy sometimes, and my choking […]


A New york tribute.

Deep down in me lies a sense of gratitude, a sense of awe and loyalty. Not for a person but a city. A city that watched me undress my mind and unwind my thoughts. A city that heard me speak a truth that I couldn’t have said anywhere else. A city that showed me what […]