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He lives inside those beautiful scenes. Where the mountains reach for the skies, he smiles. When the wind blows and shuffles my hair he flirts. He embraces my fear and kisses my insecurities. He is everything i know and everything mysterious. He challenges me in my love and in my hate. He gives me every reason for both.
He feels my pain and talks me through it. He looks through me and into every secret in my eyes. He loves truth but lives among liers. He preaches and swears, he contradicts and challenges those who overwhelm him.
He takes me higher and still manages to destroy me everyonce in a while. He is unsure yet craves certainty. He speaks of adoration yet is not a master of it. He smells of hope and security, still he reeks of the classic and conventional.
He dances To his own beats and sways me along, he finds my insanity entertaining yet damaging at times. It plays on his nerves and thoughts disrupt his classic composure until he finds himself so bare in my presence.
He flies and goes higher he chases me everywhere. He whispers in my ears until i smile and then leaves.
He leaves when im in love, and he leaves when i hate. He leaves when im happy and when im down. It never takes too long for either extremes to occur. He leaves when hes fed up and he leaves when hes wanting more. He leaves all the time.
Maybe its that secret, its that mystery and that torture at times that captures me and changes me.
Maybe im only human after all and maybe you wont understand, maybe you know how unbelievable for all those qualities to exist in one, and maybe you believe so deeply that they do.
Maybe i myself will never know, maybe i already do. I love what i have yet to find out. And i breathe to find him smiling everytime he comes back.

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To save someone

Slow down, breathe, take a seat and listen. I understand all what you are going through, I am with you, and every step you take is mine as well. I don’t really know you but I want to, I am here to save you from yourself. Your pain hurts me, and your struggle weakens me. I am your friend today.

You need to let go of what is eating you, because it consumes me too. I don’t know your problems but I know mine and they are hard. We all need to be heard, and right now I am listening to your misery. Please stop breaking apart, it isn’t a beautiful sight, and I don’t want you to ever be anything but beautiful. But, unfortunately you are; and I will help you. Here’s a piece and there’s another; ill keep them for you. I know you hurt, and you don’t need all the pieces you’re shedding. Just keep your heart safe and guard your sanity for everything else can be fixed later.

You ache, and your tears evade your control. Your composure is past; all you know is wreckage now. But ill watch you, and ill reach out, for whenever you decide to climb out Ill be there to pull you up. I am with you.

I do not mind your screams, neither do I mind your hissing; the throbbing inside you echoes through me too. I will be your safety and your therapy, for I will not let you go. I will chase you to the darkest places in your soul and I will not let you go. So don’t bother push me away for it is no choice for you, you will be saved.

Take all the time you need to sort out your troubled mind; I will be sitting right across from you waiting for you to be ready. All this anguish, this worry in your eyes is everyone’s. Look around you, and you will see all the troubled minds accompanying yours. See, all those dark places in people’s souls they meet at some point. And you are there, so many people share your pain, you are never alone. Do not take solace in the misery, but embrace the hope in those saviors sitting across from each one of those hurting hearts. Just like me to you, there are many helping hands in those dark places.

For now I see you looking up, and asking for help, my time has come. I extend both my hands; give you your pieces and say: Slow down, breathe, get up and come with me, for I know the way back my friend.