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Little Princess

Goodnight little girl, at least for the night. Lay that trouble free head of yours on this cartoon pillow and lose yourself in dreams.
Sleep well little girl, at least for today. Pull that blanket up to your ears and hide from the dark because you can. Rest assured there is someone in the next room who will instantly scare your monsters away. There is no nightmare you can have that cannot be countered by a lullaby. There is no fear you might develop that cannot be hugged away. So let the comfort of home untangle your hair and clear your skin because after all little princess, that is what home is for.
See little girl one day you might suddenly find yourself at night. In a bed that is not your own, on a pillow made of stone; in a place that you’ll never call home. And during that night, you will slowly realize that your monsters are all around and your fears have no sound. As you cower into your own, a little princess scared of the dark will look out and see that she is alone. And that little girl, is when you make one of two choices.
Either run back home into a bed you have overgrown, or stay and chase your own monsters away. Whichever you choose, will forever define the next day.

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Little monsters

Spinning round and round until you feel so unbalanced that you fall to the floor with your little hands and small figure. You then get up and do it again. The wonder of it!
Running in the house jumping over imaginary objects and sliding through makebelieve worlds. Unleashing your wild side and walking on the narrow edges of furniture..
Losing yourself under the sun between trees and dirt, scraping your knees when blending with the world.
Do kids have any imagination today? Or do video games and gadgets define their realms of reality?
Does childhood have any essense to it today when children and men share common worries?
Do children judge eachother on the basis of how far one can throw a ball, or do they form groups according to social and religious standards.
When did children know so much of this world and so little of their own? When did we let ourselves push through those gates of innocence and into the worlds of material.
I am a child, a 20 year old one if i might say, i am more of a child than my 8 year old cousins. Atleast when i see a cat i pet it, i dont hurry and snap a picture of it. When i see a puddle of water i splash my foot into it instead of moving aside not to get my new sneakers dirty.
And excuse me lady gaga is not an idol for a childhood and will never be, for if someone who has so literally set the grounds for what weird is, she got it wrong. That is, she became a cliche herself and children are fascinated by her sexual insinuations rather than any monstrosity she claims to have.
I do not fear the future, i am actually so excited to see what the little monsters will make of our trash of a world.