Reminder: When outnumbered and overwhelmed look here

Come find me where ever you are. Find me and see me as i truly am. See me and hear me like nobody ever has. Hear me and understand this mind of mine. Understand me and love everything i am and everything i will never be. I need this now more than ever, don’t you […]

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Love Story for me

Every person deserves a love story. And i do not want to speak about love, i do not want to sing about love, i dont even want to read about love. Tonight i decide to invite love whichever way it shows itself into my life. Love could be the very thought of my cat, and […]



He lives inside those beautiful scenes. Where the mountains reach for the skies, he smiles. When the wind blows and shuffles my hair he flirts. He embraces my fear and kisses my insecurities. He is everything i know and everything mysterious. He challenges me in my love and in my hate. He gives me every […]