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You Have a Choice NOW; Will You Leap?

To think that life is a predictable series of events is naive, but it is also comforting in some way. I believe that that is why we tend to grow softer and less exposed within our little comfort zones. We uncover so many of the possible unknowns and we just live knowing one thing or another, bored perhaps, sometimes even uncertain about what is out there; but somewhat safe in our little cozy lives. So where do we leap? Who even takes the leap that so many stories romantically encourage?

There is not one single way to live; and there is not a right or wrong way. Some of us stay in our comforts until we draw our last breaths cuddling with that familiarity till the very end. Some of us skip, sometimes over tiny little comfort stones; and some of us leap up and out into the great unknown.

So are you a cuddler a skipper or a leaper? Do you have a life philosophy that leaves you stranded at the corners of experiences wondering if this step fits in with your principal? Does this fit your narrative?

I adjust my attention as I write, and I remember to focus on right NOW. I decide to leave the labeling inside a metaphorical bag that lay beside me, and just write down what must be said; even if only to honor my fleeting thoughts.

In the bigger scheme of things, we really are all hurrying in and out of minor life events, crashing into big ones and wondering about where everything could be going. I however, choose to look at the spec in time I inhabit tonight and not dwell on bigger schemes and well-written story lines.

The choice I make now is to leap. That is all I have, and all that any of us can ever rely on to be fair. So stay, skip or leap; just do it now.

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Love Story for me

Every person deserves a love story. And i do not want to speak about love, i do not want to sing about love, i dont even want to read about love. Tonight i decide to invite love whichever way it shows itself into my life.
Love could be the very thought of my cat, and it could be the innocent laugh of my baby cousin. Love could be every stranger i shared a moment with, and love could be the beautiful memories i have unchained and unsensored.
This waltz im listening to has infected my mind with images of big dresses and men in uniform, it has intoxicated my imagination with thoughts of undying adoration and immortal love struck characters. I believe romance has found its way into my senses after all.
The question remains, who should i share or express this love to. Well, its about time that i give myself the unyeilding power of faith and genuine love. I will feed my soul the climax of passion and the tenderness of gratitude. I believe the time has come for me to acknowledge my own humanity, my own softness and my own edge. I believe forgiving myself is the only way in and out of every reckage i have suffered. No truth is more credible than my own proclaimed surrender.
I write to remember, and hopefully find redemption in my own solitude. I will let go and i will release the weight of a very heavy world; for it is not mine to keep. As i take this path of mortality, i accept every human emotion and mental imbalance. I understand the permeability of my uncertainty and the crude substance of my own life. My world is what i introduce to it, and in this snow capped night i open every door, portal and outlet to love. For that is the foundation of my spirit and the secret to my joy.
No success is tangible unless it has mind, heart and soul all at peace and harmony with each other.
This is my own love story.