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Stare at a Sunset Every Once in a While

Why are you feeling so down? What is it that keeps you from closing your eyes at night and calming your heart? Why do you do this to yourself? What is missing in your life? Unfortunately, I know and you know that we can answer all of those questions in numerous ways. We always have a reason even if it were unreasonable to feel so. Yet we bulk up on our emotions and we lock them in, our thoughts stand as guards for our solemn eyes and faces, and we crack crescent smiles to make believe that our secrets are safe for keeping.

I am here to tell you to let it all the hell out. Let the flood happen and let the feelings flow from the tops of your head to the tips of your feet. Let it go where it needs to but then let it out; open the biggest door possible, unhinge the gates and release the guards and offer your thoughts an EXIT. A clear one and a healthy one. Do not judge and do not blame yourself and others, imagine a locker filled with air balls that just gets unlocked; let them bounce out.

You deserve the release!

Unleash the wildest thoughts and let your most beautiful ones take over. Life is too long to be lived unhappily. Think of the hours upon hours that you can live with passion and excitement. Think of how good it can get, and just allow it.