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How to Lose Your Mind the Right Way

Do you ever think about how weird life gets? Does it ever seem like you’re stuck in a telenovela where drama hits randomly; but with no spikes in audiences; because nobody really cares, and everyone has their drama anyway?

I’m starting to think that this is how it continues for a really long time. Life happens in the details, and in the routines that we build; and suddenly we are 30; then 40 and 50 and up we go with the numbers and the denials that we have changed in any way.

If you haven’t lost your mind yet, then what are you waiting for? Lose your mind to your heart and its deepest desires. I recently read “Everything is F*cked” by Mark Manson, and that book was quite a ride. The first few chapters drilled through my anxiety and down they took me to the deepest holes of despair; until the words slowly became steps up and out of the dungeon of my biggest fears and hopelessness. That is how you know a book; better yet a writer got to you, spoke to you and gave you something new, a change perhaps or a nudge. Nudges are the best compliments- literary speaking.

In the book, we understand the complex relationship between how we feel and what we think about things, about our lives actually. In that I came to understand that those don’t always have to be at odds. We must learn to lose our minds a little, lessen the dose of worrying and comparisons. We must try solving less problems and enjoying challenge for what it is. We can carry portions of the world on our backs, but not die trying to control everything.

Life ends abruptly, it gets cut short despite how long we live. Life doesn’t care whether you achieved your dreams or not. It doesn’t pay attention to how ready you are for making changes or staying the same. So why OH WHY do we wait SO LONG to do things the way we want to? Why do we push ourselves in the wrong direction even after knowing that it will take us somewhere we do not want to go? Why are we so insecure about what we want?

None of the people who live their lives the way they wish ever say that it was easy. This is not about lavish living, but about fulfilling lifestyles. Fulfilling lifestyles don’t have to be fancy, filled with material wealth even. Ask the Danes, they will tell you about hyyge, and the pleasures of small lifestyle changes that improve so many aspects of your personality and increase your happiness.

All our friends are growing, and so are we; so what now? People stopped losing their minds for the right things, they chose to lose heart. So where are YOU going? Are you excited to get there? I sure hope so.