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What Happened to Rose Colored Glasses?

What happened to the rose colored glasses? They have become high tech V R spectacles; but we are still the same.

Some questions used to be a lot harder to answer ten years ago, and the thought that 10 years from now the questions I have today will have simpler answers is comforting. It’s funny how time works, looking at days backwards makes us feel a lot more in control, and looking at the days to come makes us feel utterly vulnerable to the unknown. This is enough to say that none of it is true and none of it is real enough to really have much weight in the way in which we choose to live our lives now.

We all seem to operate on a wide spectrum of perception. Some of us dwell in the darker end and make occasional trips into the lighter one; and some of us tend to choose a life on the brighter end traveling to the dark side sometimes. Once you really put that spectrum in front of you and look at it, things become simpler because you realize something insanely important. Things happen in random order, sometimes they happen the way we want them to, the way we are prepared to handle them; but sometimes things go completely off course and we are left with our spectrum of perception. We are expected to react; and that reaction is highly dependent on our perception. Perhaps its even better to refer to the spectrum as the cliched glasses we put on; better yet for the sake of the sophistication of this post let’s consider them spectacles. Those spectacles are also high tech.

You can look at whats happening, from multiple view points. The first and most popular being catastrophe scenario; whereby your spectacles give you the most hellish design to whatever is in front of you. You are laid off, but your hell scenario starts pushing you towards utter self destruction because you have gone and chosen the worst possible way to look at what’s going on.

Other plug-ins include, a huge rug that lands on the thing in front of you and plays Netflix and cartoons and porn, anything really to get your mind off of it. You need to stick to a budget, but you choose to disregard the issue by ignoring it. Simple.

Another option is a Bob the builder -or fixer- vibe to the entire thing and you get to serious work with no doubt that you can fix it. Except, your intense need to fix and control things might get in your way; and then what? What if you can’t fix it Bob?

The point my dearest reader is that, you must stay on topic; you cannot drift into the story you want to tell yourself before you have gone and explored the situation you are in at the moment. This means that sometimes the answers lay in simply being there in that moment and acting accordingly. The answer is to choose a reasonable spot on the perception spectrum, but not forget that you are on that spectrum in the first place. Remember that sometimes all it takes to handle a situation is moving on the spectrum, from a dark zone to a lighter one.

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What do you do when the sun sets? You push the damn brakes!

How do we break through the dread? How do we wake up consistently and find hope everyday?

All I know is that it is immensely difficult, and whenever I or anybody else over simplifies the practice of living well, that’s disillusion. Sweat and tears my friends, it takes overcoming negatives in all of their forms on an hourly basis, the overt and covert kind. It takes a lot of courage and faith. It takes faith to look at a difficult situation and somehow deep down translate it into hope. It takes persistence and trust to produce something good out of your life. And I am here to tell you, if you can do that at least 50% of the time; well then good job. You are trying, and happiness follows that process always. You deserve this moment.

The movie Moment

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Let’s go back together to that movie scene that is always so enthralling, so freeing- the Hollywood movie moment- where one stands atop a mountain and looks onto vastness and a never ending horizon. The sun is setting, and the character finds peace, a scream breaks from the pit of their stomach, and it echoes past the softest winds, the sky paints itself in violet and orange. Brilliant ending, fully orchestrated by character breaking free, and nature being itself, as it always is. End credits start rolling, and you are frozen to your couch wondering what that character will do next? How will she start over? What will her life be like now that she managed to unravel and just be?

The trend nowadays, is one where struggle in most of its forms is undermined, because everyone struggles, it has become an arbitrary given, one that provides the monotone style to all that we preach.

The triumph of a good attitude over every hardship is preached like religion. And it is true, but one tiny loophole in that is the biggest pit ever.

Why should you have a good attitude?

When life gets too real, days get too rigid and boring, time collapses into a routine set of actions that almost always amount to the same outcome, our good attitude compass gets stuck on an autopilot neutral mode. Welcome to the challenge of identifying that and breaking free of it.

It is easy to know when you are feeling down, when you have a bad attitude everyone around you can tell you too. Determining the steps towards fixing the “broken” attitude come next as the natural progression to make a better life. However, the biggest dread of all is the neutrality. The “meh” attitude, the harmless sideline, the “I will just watch this day through, because I don’t want to participate”. The wallflower, not the weed.

I find this mode to be the most difficult to overcome because it is sly, it is soft. It is the comfortable couch you lay on and scroll through your Instastories, to watch other people live; in their good and bad attitudes. It is the autopilot, that tells you its good, but not good enough for you to pay any extra attention. And what happens when we live every day without paying enough attention? Well, nothing.

Nothing happens, the good and the bad all pass, and we don’t flinch. We Miss Out.

Welcome to my struggle

How do we push harder to make our experience amount to something more? How do we make sure that we do just enough to fully take in the moment? The truth is that we will miss out on a whole lot, but we will also be able to take what we get. We are able to navigate, the way way we want to, so better navigate into adventure, love, creativity and wonder.

Because i have a deep rooted fear of missing out on so much wonder in the world, because I feel bombarded by negativity, by dreadful individuals and ideologists, as though the entire world is on a good route to hell; and because nobody wants to take the wheel; I cannot shake the dread.

So maybe the best advice I can think of to myself and to you, is this:

Turn off the engine. Take some time off. What happens when the autopilot is turned off? You will have to look around, you will have to assess, you will be able to learn and determine what needs to be burned to the ground, and what must be revived at all costs. On another note, I find big well acted, brilliantly produced moments to be essential too. Freedom can be taught, we can drop aspects of ourselves that are absolute trash, and we can learn to be better. We must understand how overwhelming life is, and we must be brave enough to push the brakes, and just stop, watch the damn sunset and figure out where the hell we want to go.