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Existential pointlessness.

I don’t know why i run here every time; every single time i find myself writing as though my mind cries here and lays all its worries and the weight of the world; right here. I find myself creating and expressing what i cannot spell out as eloquently to anyone, at least not without breaking […]


Little monsters

Spinning round and round until you feel so unbalanced that you fall to the floor with your little hands and small figure. You then get up and do it again. The wonder of it! Running in the house jumping over imaginary objects and sliding through makebelieve worlds. Unleashing your wild side and walking on the […]

Love memoirs

Ideal was it?

Ideal was it? That was the word you used. Too generic i suppose to describe an uncertain situation such as love. Well, Why rephrase now? Shouldnt you have thought about a more proper name before? So.. When did you stop seeing through her? What changed? Did her eyes tell less? Or were your words far […]