No More

What do i say to you when your eyes are flooded with tears? How can you ever be this beautiful and this horrific looking back at me? What eases your mind if i cant understand your words? Give me anything other than this face. I thought i caught you when you fell and now i […]


Without beauty

I have been staring at this page for too long and i can’t seem to put my thoughts into any beautiful words. I have run dry. I step into new lands and i adapt with little effort, shows how detached i already am as an individual. I can easily slide through doors and avoid crashes; […]

inspiration Love

Let us be.

Let’s have some fun and release our worries. Let’s laugh a little and embrace ourselves. Let’s humble our pride and feel the natural tendencies of our beings. Let’s be honest and speak more truth. Let’s try more and expect less. Too many disappointments are lurking on the edges of our expectations waiting to jump up […]