Gary V inspired this

Everything you do, that is not born out of your essence is useless. Selling out is easy, and many do it as soon as mud hits the fan. Selling out looks like somebody who complains about everything, somebody who refuses to look inwards, somebody who refuses to fall only to stand still and develop a bitterness towards every moving being around them.

The Power of Anchoring

You might think that this is an article about sailing, and you are right, it is. Except, you are the ship in this scenario. Try to entertain the image for a second; I'm going somewhere with this. 

My first “title-less” post. Not a great start i say.

Express yourself. It seems like many people do not understand what self-expression is truly about. It is finding an outlet to help drain your overflow of energy. whether positive or negative it is yours and no one else's. My outlets are writing and dancing through the music. Sometimes even both but that is a fairly …