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To run from peace

I woke up one night and i decided to leave. I did not speak, i did not listen, i forced the bravery out of me and i walked out. I gave up on the causes that chained me and i let go of faith. I left peace in bed and i took off with war. I betrayed ideals and i broke out.
The road ahead of me was so long, more than i had ever imagined it to be; almost endless. I started my car and i opened my eyes. Music played louder than my thoughts, and it woke up peace. Then as i went forward i could see peace through my rear view mirror banging at the that door i locked. It didnt break my heart, that is where it belonged. Peace lied to me, it slept with me and it cradled me when war was always at my door. Peace made everything quiet, it even showed me beauty. Peace began taking me one breath at a time and i let it. War always watched and it was so shameless.
Peace was a hypocrite and a fraud. It had so much to lose, it was a coward and it convinced me never to leave its side.
Today i leave peace, i break peace and i turn my back to it. I grab war by the neck and ask it to lead me to where all the truth lay. I scream at war and demand it tells me why it wanted me. Why has it always sat at my door, why it watched, why it left traces of doubt over my porch…i had so many questions.
As i drove, war would run along wanting to show me its world. And so i drove over bodies and ideas, i saw limits and they meant nothing. War was illeterate and blind. War only acted it never looked back. I drove and the road wouldnt end. People cursed war and i was surprised. I used to think big of it, but it turned out to be a humiliating friend. I had to watch my back and twitch with fear as war introduced me to its friends. Everything was blurry and truth lay nowhere but in red puddles. That was the only color i saw and it was repulsive.
War finally asked me to get out of my car to watch it dance. I had never seen war in daylight, and so as day broke, i watched disaster and destruction prevail. Every time war swayed i saw its real colors. Under the light war was ugly, it was deformed and stained with defeat, it had no arms or legs it creeped and lurked; there was nothing alluring about it and its stench was nauseating. It asked me to join but i couldnt, because suddenly i had so much to lose. Suddenly i missed peace and its beauty. I missed peace and how it looked at me, how it sang me to sleep and faded into hope every morning.
Except war wouldnt let me go, it pulled me in and i fell as all its friends joined. I had willingly left peace for this. For that horror and pain. For the puddles of truth stained in red. I left peace and i believed war would solve all my problems; except it didnt.
I wept as the very truth i was looking for slowly seeped out of me and to my surprise it was colored red. I knew what i had lost and i longed for the first time that peace would find me.

بالعربي خلص

قررت انو اكتب بالعربي لانو شكلك ما كنت عم تفهم بالاجنبي. اذا انتا شيعي لِاجري، سني لاِجري و حتا مسيحي لاِجري؛ و كل شي بالنص لاِجري. عم جرّب خليك تعصب بما انو انتا انسان متعصب. و يمكن تكرهني كتير بس شو فرقت معي؟ هيك هيك منّك طايقني و لا طايق طايفتي ولا ديني ولا وطني ولا عقلي. هيك هيك عم تزعجني.
انتا مفكّر الدّنيا خلقت من تفكير لبناني متلك؟ يا حبيبي الدنيا اكبر منك و مني بكتير. كرامتك مشكلتك بس و مش مشكلتي، صدقني ما حدا فارقة معو انت شو حاسس او شو رايك. صوتك الك و حقك معك، ما عندك شي تثبتو لحدا. كرمال هيك ما تصرّخ بغبا و تزعجني.
لبنان ما بحياتو حدا بيحكي في، مين مكذّب عليك و مخبرك انو الشمس بططلع من قفا لبناني. بعرف صعبي تحس انك ولا شي بس هاي هِيي الفكرة. فيك ترفع راسك بس كرمال هيك ما بتلحِّق ترفعو الّا و بيجي زعيم بيِدعَسَك.
مين موكلك تحكي نيابةً عن الاموات؟ اِنّو كلبناني عندك وساءل اتصال غير شكل؟ ما انتا وقت شي و شي بتحكي. كل العالم خوَنة هون مني عم بفهم عشو المشكل؟ ناس مع اميركا و ناس مع ايران، انو عادي. لشو كلو حامل السلم بالعرض ما هيي وساخة لبنانية اصلية كيف ما برمتا.
مفكر الدنيا بتدور حوله، كرمال هيك عقلو ناقص. بيتضحك بس حدا يهينو متل الاهبل، و بعدين بيسمع الكلمة متل الشاطر.
كل واحد ناطر التاني يروح على جهنم و مفكر حالو بس هُوًّي رايح على الجنة. بس اذا الشيعي رايح عالجنة و السني طالع عالجني والمسيحي واصل عالجنة؛ كيف رح يتفقو فوق، شو انو هِيي لعبة منذكر بعض؟ انو رح تتصالحو فوق؟ والله كيف؟
كل واحد مات، مات. ما بدا ذكاء الا اذا الله موكلكن انبياء.

This is not what politics or religion is about. This disgusting and trashy arrogance that everyone deals with needs defusion and fixing. This sexual and mental frustration is being imploded with absurd comments and speeches from socially handicapped individuals. In the times of hardship the people stand against political corruption you morons, and not try and burn all bridges down. You have a responsibility towards every breath you take to be thankful for peace and not instill violence and war you idiots.
When your mothers die or fathers or anyone you love, it would be your fault because you injected hate into the faint hearts of poor people with distorted judgements. If you work harder and give back to society, this disintegration in the flawed logic of people will be slowly fixed.
Except i do not think anyone will rise above this, because you all have so many internal conflicts with identity and nationality, that none of you feels they belong anywhere. Nothing will ever wake you up, until you bury your children one day in this shit hole, god forsaken country.

When they never learn.

When those who must do the fighting have the right to decide between war and peace, history will no longer be written in blood- Kant

Lebanon takes this quote and shoves it up kant’s ***.

Dear patriots, i hope the people who died today in that terrible explosion rest in peace; peace they have never known around you in this god forsaken country.

Enough said.

Where my world ends.

Under so many skies and genuine timelessness, existed a place on this earth. Fairytales and unicorns had never been there, neither had good music or pretty faces. It was burnt to the ground and nothing lived there. It dressed its death with white and colored its ugliness pink. The oil amongst that land was named water and the idiots who had given up their minds to that nothingness were called people.
That tiny spot painted its lands green when ash was the center of it all. Against that green, other colors looked better and so that place gained beauty and fame. That place choked on the inside but pretended that skies were naturally blue. That place got thicker and denser, yet the filth always seemed to seep through the fake moulds created.
The pretty faces were not real, the men were void of the truth and of honor, and the minds of both genders melted into extremes of dullness or pride. All the real information was drowned and out came the stupid quotes and the tarnished banners of love and respect for that place.
Then came the people who served a great power named God and they told the dim minded what to think about everything. They said different things to different people, when the main message was all the same. They promised those boys and girls the greatest worldly pleasures and they swore on their lives. Somehow it all made sense, only because they never really understood and they presumed that the others did.
Their pride then played itself out when they went on fighting who understood best. Many believed in what they fought for, they hoped that God knows their intentions and they died for him, leaving behind the greatest stories ever told. Except, God was claimed to have been in every story, and he supported each group for their worldly gains. Each group said that God was theirs’ and on their side.
There, came a voice asking. Simply and not rhetorically. Is God on everyone’s side? How is that possible? Then who are the enemies? Does God enjoy experiments ? Does God laugh at one group and with another? Wait, wait..WAIT. Who is lying here?
Everyone suddenly broke into silence, and instead of finding answers to all those questions, they laughed and stabbed the voice quiet. And then said, God is with us.
After fighting for a very long time, those dim minded people decided that they needed to talk and work things out. The biggest and strongest, the richest and most victorious discussed and cut up the lands on earth. They decided who takes what, but did not give their word, they kept all options open and invented a game called diplomacy.
And time passed then ended and passed again then ended, consistently time lapsed. The idiots who had become people, dressed better and talked better, they learned in schools and expensive universities. Others had poor lives and barely lived to be middle aged people. Yet they all believed in God, each in their own way. And until today, The truth rarely gets mentioned and that old voice barely gets heard.
None of those people considered that that voice, was God himself. He had rested his silence but they refused to listen, they killed that voice and played on their own. They spoke on behalf of God and it was never going to end. Not now not ever, because eventually and essentially, that land had always been empty and shredded apart. The skies were only bright when creatures were true to their existence and mortality. Pride ate the heads of the idiots and they really thought they controlled everything. They thought they knew.

Lebanese Pride

National pride. Really?!

For what? what has this blurry joke of a country ever done for you? This utterly embarrassing Lebanese story is tragically funny. The same problems over and over again, the same words vomited from the mouths of airhead politicians, somehow under some unrelenting logic always seem to get to people and fill their hollow heads with -for lack of better word- bullshit.

So this bullshit blocks blood vessels in the brains of very proud nationals who have actually believed and enjoyed their herd leaders’ vomit until they are smothered with it; one is rendered driven by bullshit, fighting for bullshit and dying for what more than bullshit. I hope i have not reached too much of an offensive description of my fellow patriots.

I do not respect anyone, i barely respect myself for being part of such disgusting excuse of a society. So i do not give excuses anymore, i am not surprised nor am i annoyed anymore. People are essentially insecure, everything is divine for them, they talk about collectivity and honor just because individually they have no worth and no significance. They grab their guns and shoot at each other when they should probably shoot themselves. And hopefully rid this world of one less waste of space.

And then again, by writing something of this such i might be saying “very bad things” about my country. But, i am not, i am saying” very bad things” about the people of this country. I am actually so amused because it is quite interesting for observational study. This existence of Prada Tribes, and self-indulgent savages who drive fancy cars and speak big words and rule entire mindless societies is worthy of noting.

Repeating words and chanting the names of those tribe leaders, dancing around tires of fire is fascinating, rather inspiring for i am discovering in-depth my contempt for this society. This immense dose of mind control and social disintegration is not going to stop, it has become so deep inside people who have nothing to lose, who have too much pride to apologize and come out clean, it has infested itself within their words and brain functions. They breathe void ideologies and have found that their guns speak for them, their manhood is defined by how much hate they can spur and how high they can squeal.

And speaking of manhood and male dominance in this refreshing society of ours, i must very sarcastically exclaim; where are all the feminists in situations like this? Why are “the men” alone burning tires and shooting guns, are women not to be included in this too?

I conclude with saying, dear patriots do not cry for our malfunctioning country, do not criticize and get disappointed. It has forever been this way, we are not respected citizens of a valued country, we are not the country of beauty and peace. We are inhabitants of a map drawn in the sand several years ago under a french mandate. So you see dear patriots, you are fighting for void causes and internationally entertained ideas. You kill so easily when you probably do not know why, and you live so easily when you do not even know why. Having no national purpose, or personal justifications lead you to become mindless, emotional, impulsive and spineless members of a God-full society which renders everything you do divine and right under the rule of God. (when your leader here can be your God too, just for mathematical justification substitution is allowed).

PS: This does not come close to offending anyone if you do not imagine the effect of raising my middle finger along with writing this piece simultaneously.

Seeking security in an unsecure world; food for thought

The article by Robert E. Williams and Dan Caldwell, “Seeking security in an unsecure world” discusses war between the reasoning behind it, the ways it is done and the morality in all those means. The article presents the idea that the just war tradition claims that killing people will lead to saving and preserving lives. As in war is a means to achieve better peace. That article made me think:

If I want to think about it according to my own logic, the mere beginning with the idea that war is necessary is reason enough to go to war. If we assume that all other alternatives will not achieve our goals properly; then war and the use of force would seem like the most critical and effective way of action eventually.  However, doubting the need for war in the first place is what puts the issue of morality in chains and in question. For if we believe that killing is immoral and unjust on a small-scale then how can we support the act of war which consists of mass killing. In that case I believe there is hypocrisy in saying it becomes relative. When killing one person is out of the question then killing hundreds is not justifiable. With that being said I do not dismiss the human nature which implies self-defense and survival. Therefore initiating the action is not the same as receiving it.

The article gives insight around this topic and through quoting Michael Walzer it established a certain distinction. However I would like to note that Walzer seems like he has put the ground point as that war is inevitable and necessary when other alternatives fail, because he is giving justification and reason to its presence. Walzer says that war is divided into two parts the reason behind its doing and the way it is done. I agree with that if we begin from the idea that war is inevitable, for carrying on the act of war with the least amount of casualties for example makes it more just. Or going to war because a state’s sovereignty was attacked could be reasonable.

On a personal note, I believe that going to war means that a country is either absolutely sure about rising victorious out of it, or because they have nothing more to lose. If we process this idea, we might find that if two equal powers hit each other it is impossible for one to win over the other. There must be a certain discrepancy in those 2 warring sides in order for one to come out triumphant over the other. So no matter the reason for war or the way it might be done, countries reach points were they might do anything to come out winning or else they will have to bear the costs of the so called-one sided-“peace”. Countries therefore end up fighting until no sign of hope is apparent. Different wars have resulted in crimes against humanity or war criminals, or the use of illegal weapons and so on. The problem is after the end the damage is done, some win and some lose but the people who have lost their lives are no longer there to hear how governments are justifying or condemning their deaths.

All we need is the space.

Its an idea, it develops, it grows, sometimes it takes seconds, sometimes it takes a life time. An idea is all we need it is our reason and our goal. It drives us and throws us off course. This idea is a madness in the beginning its defiance but a means to an end. A salvation in the midst of intellectual, social and religious wreckage.
In our arab world we have a lack of ideas. We have a surplus of shallowness. We refuse to learn, to think and question our situations; nevertheless we are the masters of victimization, nagging and criticisim. We assume that doing so qualifies us as free thinkers, when that is the absolute opposite; a tool for a socially and politically handicapped nation to express its frustration.
We mistake differences for deficiencies. We confuse conservatism with morality, and we credit those who rob us of our potential for becoming decent citizens.
This idea, it requires searches, rampages, desperation and courage. To be a thinker is tougher than it seems. To acquire an opinion is more than repeating and plagiarizing “smarter” people.
We are being monopolized by corporations, politicians, celebrities and public opinion rallies. We are so awe struck by collectivity that we forget what it means to think for ones self alone. We dismiss the preciousness of solitude and soul searching. We allow ourselves to be molded and remolded with every new fashion statement, and every new trend of thought. We absolutely despise and abhore the notion of real personal freedom.
The whole suffocates us to an extent where we get used to the suffocation so desperately that we develop a fear of breathing again because of all the effort it will require.
In economics, there always is nominal price and the real price. Well, we have nominal freedom, where our real one is masked by the inflation of prejudice, narrow mindedness and intolerance.
All we need is the space.

Humanity disappointed me

I am growing up. Not the pretty way, the real way. Im a very positive and hopeful person yet experience puts that to shame and wins everytime. Im disappointed. The world, humanity, people and chances are all disappointing.
People talk about social networking; i cannot open my homepage without seeing not one but several pictures of dead or brutaly killed people. Is that okay now? Have we lost all sorts of respect for the human body or the soul that lived there? Is violence so normal and natural as to spread pictures of it and say oh thats bad, lets all feel bad about this picture, maybe cry too.
If we use the right titles i might agree more though since im a logical person. For example dont show me pictures of bombing and murder squads and call them democratic forces, be kind enough to realize that democracy hides behind the last carrot thrown and call it violence for that is what it is.
Do not show me double standards, false news, media blackouts, and call it revolutions, be kind enough to call it anarchy and chaos.
Lets just set the bar lower for our expectations and start dealing with the world as it really is. We are beasts well trained to believe that society and culture mold us into civilized people of nation states. Might as well drop the cover and state our claims for us humans stop at nothing.
Social-religious issues are breaking apart, loyalty is laughed upon, order is mocked, freedom is relative and honesty is blasphamy. It is time to reevaluate our principles and our standards, our beliefs need to be refurbished and divinity questioned.
It is the time to question, doubt and think about Where we are heading. And whichever way that is, we are a race well deserving of our end.