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Normalcy moves in

You just know. When you look him in the eyes and they reflect your face. Normalcy. A while back you fell into his eyes you saw all through him and beyond, every good feeling was captured in that moment and you smiled for the sake of the peace you felt. Normalcy takes thAt away, it […]

Love memoirs

Ideal was it?

Ideal was it? That was the word you used. Too generic i suppose to describe an uncertain situation such as love. Well, Why rephrase now? Shouldnt you have thought about a more proper name before? So.. When did you stop seeing through her? What changed? Did her eyes tell less? Or were your words far […]

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All we need is the space.

Its an idea, it develops, it grows, sometimes it takes seconds, sometimes it takes a life time. An idea is all we need it is our reason and our goal. It drives us and throws us off course. This idea is a madness in the beginning its defiance but a means to an end. A […]


Introspection at its best!

So i tap here to begin writing…so many things on my mind and out of it. I never seem to be able to rest my mind or my self. This introspection doesnt seem to get me anywhere, no answers to my questions. Well i guess it is normal to be confused but to what extent? […]

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Let us be.

Let’s have some fun and release our worries. Let’s laugh a little and embrace ourselves. Let’s humble our pride and feel the natural tendencies of our beings. Let’s be honest and speak more truth. Let’s try more and expect less. Too many disappointments are lurking on the edges of our expectations waiting to jump up […]

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Who reassures me in the middle of the night when all my demons wake up? Who will take me in when i feel absolutely out of place? Where are you? They say you save people, they say you are good! They say you were,are and always will be looking out for lost souls. They say […]

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Humanity disappointed me

I am growing up. Not the pretty way, the real way. Im a very positive and hopeful person yet experience puts that to shame and wins everytime. Im disappointed. The world, humanity, people and chances are all disappointing. People talk about social networking; i cannot open my homepage without seeing not one but several pictures […]