How are you living?

Inspiration hits in the weirdest of moments, sometimes in the most inconvenient ones too. I am a sucker for inspiration, I float around the world and brush over people here and there, hoping to catch a spark! Our eyes meet, our shoulders shudder and our fingertips grace coffee cups and wooden tables. I then let myself fully refract every particle and piece of truth uttered by honest lips around me. Sparks fly and all I need to do is to catch one spark that is strong and bright enough to set me completely on fire. I combust in ways new to me every time and my body feels like a flare waving lonely in the dark but with little awareness of her own form; only conscious of that need explode into billions of little flakes of flickering lights that brighten up the world around even if for a few seconds. That is how inspiration comes to me. It begins in its most unreliable form as friction between my reflective surface and the world’s need to be seen and it bursts out into the open as words that cannot stop torching down my white pages.

I think about you and me and I wonder about what inspires you to live your life everyday; and i fear that it is purely the need to survive; because surviving is so empty of inspiration and love. I hope you wake everyday with an aching state of presence, receptiveness and acceptance of life’s deepest mysteries. I hope you open your eyes and your arms to opportunity even if it were dressed in her shabbiest clothes; maybe you can learn to recognize her from a distance and welcome her in any form she lays herself upon your hungry body.

I think about the pain you have been through and I wonder if you have managed to learn a few lessons from it. i hope you managed to articulate your frustration to those who have failed you and created peace in your solitude. I hope you treat your body with compassion and know that emotional pain can be felt and embodied physically too. I hope you learned to acknowledge that and forgive your nerves for behaving too compulsively to warn you. I hope you found dignity in standing up for yourself and your own health. I hope that nothing hurts you anymore but I know that something will, Still I believe that you can face that with fortitude and grace.

We can only do so much. So pray to your God if you like, count blessings and chant to your heart’s desire. Do what you need to and live so brilliantly that the ash you leave in your tracks is fertile enough to feed earth and its beings. Let your living be beautiful and abundant, let your living flow and explode endlessly in experience and expression, I hope you build your wildest dreams with the intensity and insanity that is life.

So sit with me now over this half full cup of coffee and tell me, are you merely surviving or are you relentlessly exposing your naked self to the vast world of purpose, pain and passion?

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