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Your Attention Please?

Not many people love to read because reading requires attention and quiet.

People want to say so much but few want to listen. Swarms of speakers, story tellers and attention seekers compete for the attention of the few listeners and watchers in the room. Everyone has an opinion, but only a few choose to keep it to themselves. The noise grows and becomes monstrous.

The listeners grow sick of the noise and they can no longer tell the truth apart from the lies. They begin to hide in their little rooms as they attempt to form their own thoughts; but they fail miserably at the fault of their own insecurities.

The world slowly gets swallowed by the noise monster, performers everywhere and opinions left and right. Everybody has something to say, so everybody raises their voice until little can be heard but monotonous yearning, moaning and lusting over attention.

Fame starts to drip from the ceilings, and the walls sweat with names. The competition intensifies, and the designated scrollers grow tired. The room throbs with its dwellers’ self importance, while audiences become more difficult and ultimately disloyal.

Attention is the wasted currency. Are you listening or are you talking?

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