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If You Need Forgiveness Let It In

The following is a literary portrayal of welcoming forgiveness back into our lives, no matter what has happened, or why.

Finally you hear that long awaited knock. The sound of it travels into your cold little home with a warmth you keep yearning for. You shuffle to gather your things, and push to the side cabinets filled with ice. Except that warmth comes through and there is no denying it, it fills up your room.

Your steps become quicker and your heart lets out a sigh, some life returns to your body. You pause at the door and you think twice whether your heart and your home can welcome such a pleasant guest. You have lately not been known for your hospitality but for your hostility. Then again, you cannot deny this particular guest, you cannot abandon your agreement.

An agreement made in the darkest of nights. Under the moon you clasped your hands and shed a tear promising to open the door no matter what, no matter when and no matter how long it takes. When all else fails the warmth of keeping a long lost promise shall pull you through.

With that, you open your door gently as not to cause a deliberate scene, but the light enters unapologetically, unfiltered and abundantly. You show your guest in, and you humbly sit on the floor accompanied by her.

Forgiveness stares into your eyes, a long lost friend, a companion you have long waited to receive. She uncovers her hands and she brushes them over your hands and face. You look around you, and your frozen home begins to show life, walls regain some color and you suddenly feel something again, a little flame in the pit of your spine igniting your light again.

You welcome your guest to stay for she has come back to you despite the chill. She brings you a note and in that note your promise is fulfilled. A few words written by a hand that looks so much like yours: “Forgiveness always finds a way.”

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