Do You Have a Constant Need to Judge?

It’s amazing how we choose to see what we want to see. We – for some reason- choose to look at a beautiful rich person and pass judgement about their life, while we glance at a refugee or an impoverished person and pass the opposite kind of judgement on them. Our judgement shields us and makes us believe that we are separate from the world and every one else in it.

You go about your life thinking a list of things about yourself, your family, your friends and the life you will most likely live. You believe most of the things you think about as though those are facts, and so when something different that doesn’t fit into the general narrative comes your way, you simply dismiss it- either purposely or unknowingly.

When we are younger we believe that every one is ahead of us, we get sucked into a whirlwind of comparison, jealousy, and general wastefulness. When we are older our little internal conflicts with the world get bigger and maybe if we are lucky they morph into other conflicts. We spend our time pressing and resisting judgement and cruel intentions. Action gets lost in the years and we find ourselves sheering away from our honest selves. So everyone thinks that the others have either figured it out or have f*cked it up. Both judgements end up in the same bucket of good for nothing waste of brain power.

What sorts of judgement do you hold about yourself and others in your life? Perhaps even judgements about others in the world who you do not even know? Can you check in with yourself about those thoughts? Which of them are good for you?

How easy is it for us to break stereotypes and join into the mix? Who amongst us is perfect? What if we look inside and find that we have so much work to do on our own hearts and minds before we start peering else where? Could we become good? Better yet could we put an end to those conflicts we juxtapose next to fears of inferiority and grandiosities?

All judgement is based in fact, except that which is passed upon us. Or what?

I fear that we are wasteful in the grace we have, and we are useless in the abilities we have at building healthier humans and communities.

Catch yourself next time and decipher that need to judge. Who are you without it?

By Upliftingletters

Research and Inspire

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