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12 Sets to Quiet that Scary Brain of Yours

The set of 12 was coming to an end, and my lungs felt like deflated balloons. I don’t smoke, AT ALL. But damn, my breathing was so off. I sat on one of the black benches, with some threads ripped at the sides, I stared into the mirror into my red face, and under the white lights, despite the pressure inside my mind and the sore muscles in my legs I felt strong. REALLY F*CKING STRONG.

We all have a relationship with our bodies, some toxic, other obsessive, some great and some nonexistent. One thing that gives us an incredible foundation to our relationship with our bodies is movement. Movement helps us understand that the brain can chatter a lot, it can distract the hell out of us and can put us off course; the brain alone makes up stories; and worst of all it could tell us that we are weak, not good enough or strong enough. Our thoughts are so influenced by our circumstances and if we really let them go out and play, they start to multiply and create more rational and irrational reasons for said sob story. Which is why we need good habits like Movement that are cornerstones in our days, regardless how the day goes, we move anyway.

Be careful, one good recipe for a mental health DISASTER is sitting on our butts all day, doing something (or nothing) and letting our brains run loose.

That is where movement comes in.

Movement whichever form of it you choose whether it is dancing, working out in the gym or on your living room floor, or simply taking a walk during lunch break helps put our thoughts in check. Why? When we allow our bodies to take charge for at least 30 minutes a day, our bodies’ cortisol (stress hormone) levels drop and our endorphins (friendly good hormones) get a good boost to shut the door on the negative thoughts and feelings. Do this enough and your muscles get used to the movements, and your brain learns to incorporate them into whatever story it wants to tell itself. Here is an example


Today is a bad day, There is so much traffic and I feel so tired from sitting all day. I have a headache and my friends bailed on our outing. END of story, your spirit is down, you go to bed after downing a likely unhealthy beverage because why bother? You are that Guy\Girl. You are somebody who doesn’t care.


Today is an OK day. It wasn’t great, there was so much traffic and I felt tired sitting all day. I went and did my workout however, and then I realized that my friends had cancelled our plans. Its a good time to get some well-needed good food and rest because I SHOWED UP today. I feel strong and go figure, I no longer get those annoying headaches from staring at the screen all day.

Movement does wonders. and allowing our brains a break from thinking is a must! Let it get busy counting repetitions and sets, or let it focus on getting that target you set for yourself. Don’t allow it to run wild on toxic habits.

Try it and find out for yourself, after all, bad habits are hard to break but good habits are equally difficult to stop as well. So choose your habits wisely!

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