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That Bear Necessity and Where to Get It

If you are chemically inclined, this should oil up your gears nicely. No actually, if you are a human AND you love animals, this will make you love them with more scientific reason. If you do not love animals, this might make you slightly curious.

Are you baffled by people who leave their fortunes to their dog after they die? Or why a town might elect a feline mayor to handle business? Do these things have any explanation besides humans being rather odd at so many different occasions?

Well, there might be a scientific reason why when we love our pet, we tend to treat it better than people (sometimes gladly).

OXYTOCIN, a hormone released upon cuddling or bonding with others; is the love hormone or commonly referred to as such.

Studies, (here is one study picked at random; since there are many) have shown that positive interaction between humans and their pets, namely dogs and cats tends to help us release oxytocin and decrease stress levels. That is why, therapy animals play such huge parts in helping people with mental illnesses that vary in severity and symptoms.

Although sometimes it feels good to go around in circles analyzing how we feel, why feel it and return again to self serving conclusions; our emotional wellbeing could be better handled by realizing that our hormones at different times play a huge part in said emotions, reactions and thought processes.

That is why it feels so natural to gaze into a dog or a cat’s eyes and feel a sense of bonding, of release of pressure inside our minds and feel automatically lighter for some reason. We sometimes, find it difficult to do the same with the people close to us due to some transparent borders that we have set for ourselves and others. Bonding, and feeling that closeness, intimate and gentle safety with others is natural to us; but we unfortunately give that up the more we withstand pains emanating from said closeness. That brings us back to the moments we share with animals, moments that are so natural to us as human beings made of flesh and bone and gentle love hungry hearts. The beautiful thing about this, is that animals can feel that bonding too; they too release oxytocin.

It helps to know that no matter what, we are never alone in our aliveness, in our bodies and our worlds. Sometimes it is difficult to bond with other people due to countless reasons, which is why our pets come to us with no baggage and no material needs; they come to us and share their lives willingly and generously; making us feel so much better, as though we belong no matter what.

We have so much to learn and so much to give. When we attempt to view those who love us with the eyes of a giver, a spirit of abundance and a smile to show our true colors, bonding might become easier; and we could then all become healthier individuals capable of loving everything.

We can be humans that interact positively with each other and with our animals; spreading metaphorical oxytocin fairy dust everywhere.

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