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Better Now Than Never: A Story

Once upon a time, there was a death. A death that was impossible without the life that preceded it. An old woman lived in a dark concrete apartment, one that she had inherited from her late father. If you looked really closely, you could still see how beautiful that lady used to be. Except there was a sadness in her eyes that was less about what she has done and more about what she hadn’t. The old lady worked to sustain herself and her family, but she never got to live her dream. The beauty shop she wanted to open, sat in a cloudy corner in her mind, never to see the light. She always said tomorrow was another day, and tomorrow never came; only more of the same and less of the joy. Her guilt piled up night after night, whenever she sat alone and planned. She had to wait, and the waiting took over, until she could wait no more. The story ends with a death, but that is not so bad, every story ends with that. The saddest part despite it all is that death was not preceded with the life that she wanted, but with the life that she settled for.

Think about something you really would love to do, are you doing it? will you get to it? OR is it somewhere deep down gathering dust, until the right time comes.

Comfort is incredibly easy, it is what we naturally work towards. We rotate around comfort like bees to the pollen, and we make sure to mark our flowers so that we never have to travel so far again and risk something scary happening. So we buzz around our little lives hoping that one day something will change in our favor, and sometimes it does, but not always.

So do it now, while you can, while you can still have regrets that become stories of old age, and lessons to those you bring to life. Live now and plan what’s next using your brilliant brain, and don’t drown it with the fake pleasures of sugar and digitalized wellbeing. There is no wellbeing in living on screens with carpel tunnel fingers. Use your fingers to build the life you want, and days you never want to end.

Think about it, every story ends with death, but every death begins with life. Make your life brilliant, and don’t overthink the ride.

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