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You Left your JOB?! Me Too!

So, now that I left my job, what next?

The options vary from highly cynical to extremely difficult, and they range from delusional to absolute perfect plans. I will calm the nervousness you might be feeling for me and tell you two things first. I have some money saved up, and I have a plan that is made up of multiple levels of brilliance or so we will determine many months from now.

One thing I know is that I am exhilarated because my plan to take over the world is coming together, and scared that people might not be as supportive as I hope they would to make me queen.

You see we make our own choices about how we choose to spend our time, and I made a slightly unpopular choice, one that is generally frowned upon, deemed as an escapist strategy, and one most likely to fail. I know my odds, but I also know the extremely likely way that life will pan out if I don’t try to fail gloriously at least once every week. That’s big girl talk, I know, and I’m responsible for half of it, the other half is made up of flare, dehydration and a highly sarcastic mode of communication.

I am a preacher, but I no longer wish to be so, I decided to try it out and see how far I can go. So I take the metaphorical jump into the abyss of making my dreams come true along with a good safety net of a loving family, supportive friends and wonderful muses, both dead and living. I suppose a lot of the casual advice people had offered me, I took to heart; and they had no idea how deeply they were impacting me. So thank you grandpa, mom, my ex bosses, my siblings and my newly anointed husband. There is so much I learned thanks to our talks; better yet our rants about life.

So my dear friend, would you leave your job for something quite unsure, for a prospect? I suppose that is an extremely relative and personal choice, and many of us out there would never want an unsettling kind of life, and thats alright. See, its about the quality of life you wish to have, and to each is a standard. My standard is that of a poshy queen hippy that wants to influence the world with loving words and some good ideas while knocking down one or two stereotypes along the way. Or so I hope. Words come short sometimes. And I have not honed that description too well yet.

We learn to live in fear of vulnerability. We learn that as long as we seem indestructible, the world will not be on to us. Well many have been preaching harnessing the powers of vulnerability like Brene Brown. See one of the biggest misconceptions is that courageous people are invulnerable. The truth however, is that to have courage is to absolutely own how vulnerable you are, and still against all odds take a leap. And you take that leap not because people told you so, but because there is no other way to face your fears. Then who knows, becoming the biggest failure time has known for a day, and then emerging victorious because you chose to learn a lesson, nobody else admitted they needed.

So as foreign as it seems to step away from the race, there is a little something here in digging out a new way that feels right. So take a look at your life, and really dig into why you do what you do, and don’t listen to me, but you will find good answers there.

See you on the other side!

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