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Gary V inspired this

According to Tony Robbins, my driving force in life is a need for significance. Upon completing that quiz, which I was doing out of curiosity and a need for answers on that special day, I realized how true that mostly is.

See, I’ve been religious about motivating myself to do and be more on all levels, whether emotionally, mentally, spiritually, athletically (I’M THIS CLOSE TO A REAL PULL UP) and every other ally there is. And contrary to popular belief, it is NOT exhausting, it is exhilarating!

On my daily roster of motivational speakers is Gary Vaynerchuck, and if like me your driving force is significance then he will curse the laziness out of you.

Most of us are too lazy to be true to what we really want, who we truly are. Most of us graze the surface and skip over the puddle of mud hoping that staying clean is going to teach us something about mud. I find myself complaining sometimes about how things should be, or how someone should have acted or should have said. And in those circumstances I revel in false victim hood. As Mr. V puts it, these things are BINARY. You either do it or you don’t.

Every day that passes we could have taken a small step towards our own greatness no matter what shape it takes. We are taught that excuses are a quick exit strategy, they bail us out of any notion of responsibility that we might have towards becoming more than working, eating, surviving beings. On the opposite end of transcendence are excuses hanging out together telling you why its better to watch a rerun of a silly show, than to actually go and experience what running under the sun feels like.

Everything you do, that is not born out of your essence is useless. Selling out is easy, and many do it as soon as mud hits the fan. Selling out looks like somebody who complains about everything, somebody who refuses to look inwards, somebody who refuses to fall only to stand still and develop a bitterness towards every moving being around them.

Export your ideas, your craziness and your eccentricities into the life you live. Or else, really… what are you doing? You must be quite bored.

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