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Somewhere here 

I spill onto this page whatever I see fit for a retrospective reading later on. Too much caffiene in my system keeps my heart awake and my mind sharper than I would like it to be. Then again I grab a song by its feet and I place it by my side. I attempt to look inside beneath the layers of skin and muscle, beneath the burns and the veins. I dive in the depths, until I hit the chilled waters and the forgotten spaces, every person i used to be.

Beneath it all, little matters of the outside world. I know that as a start. I know that the love within is undeniable and exquisite. It is light and weightless. It is so pleasant, it demands no attention to exist. Somewhere here with me I find no loneliness, I find solace; a reality I so badly want to see. I find a sanctuary of nothingness and everything to ever exist. I stay here and I watch the dirt of the day wash away. I am cleansed and purified and I am prepared to live again.

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