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Birthday: Twenty Four 

Here I am, above a city, beneath a universe of stars and by the shore of familiar faces and lovely hearts. Somehow I am hurt, somehow it wasn’t as easy as I expected it to be. Sometimes the softest hearts hurt you and you have to learn how to love better, bigger and deeper.

I am still when I am beside him when he looks at me and smiles. We have adventures we are yet to take and tales we are bound to tell.

I shed skin, and I undress thoughts. I am myself and somebody else. I peer through the night and look for that person I want to become. I brave through the years and I break down limits and walls, I am closer to uncovering the ruin. I am almost the self I thought I would be. I run across images and memories, my muscles are rubbed and the knots untied, and slowly my body heals. Slowly my mind bends itself back to its proper form.

Twenty four Octobers today. Twenty four years of life bestowed upon my meager and frail soul. Twenty four years of attempting to figure out why all this happens. Why was I born out of ruin in a city taking its first breath after a civil war? and a world so sick it still needs healing.

One more year, and another shot at kindness. Another attempt for smoothing out the harshness of expectations, one more year of practice on how to become a better human being.

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