You Left your JOB?! Me Too!

I am a preacher, but I no longer wish to be so, I decided to try it out and see how far I can go. So I take the metaphorical jump into the abyss of making my dreams come true along with a good safety net of a loving family, supportive friends and wonderful muses, both dead and living.

Can your skin reflect light?

Growing older does not mean we must break the locks and toughen up. Growing older is life manifesting itself in our skin and in our hair, but it has no qualms with our child soul.

Let the happy bubbles burst

The point, if you read nothing but this paragraph, and if you are looking for a sign is this: YOU DON'T HAVE TO. You can burst through the lies, one bubble at a time. You can start easily.

The Writer

People mistake writing with bravery, but I do not suppose there is much courage there. It is quite the opposite sometimes.